How to apply for the Florida Homestead Tax Exemption
July 6, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

How do I register for Florida Homestead Tax Exemption?

Central Florida Homestead Exemption As a Florida resident, one of our perks as homeowners is being eligible for a Homestead Exemption on … Continue reading “How do I register for Florida Homestead Tax Exemption?”

June 28, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

How Well Do You Know The Seminole County Real Estate Market?

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June 15, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

Why Choose a Realtor?

Here at Waypointe Realty we focus on helping buyers and sellers navigate through the complexities of real estate to secure value on … Continue reading “Why Choose a Realtor?”

Personal and property tips for hurricane season
June 1, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

6 Essential Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is Here! June 1st is officially the beginning of hurricane season. While we have had a great decade of little … Continue reading “6 Essential Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season”

Orlandos Millennials are becoming homeowners
May 24, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

Orlando’s Millennial Home Owners Are Growing

Millennial’s Are Buying Homes An increasing number of people are buying homes in Orlando, and millennial’s make up a large percentage of … Continue reading “Orlando’s Millennial Home Owners Are Growing”

Downtown Oviedo back in 1940
May 17, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

The New Downtown Oviedo

Sprawling Oviedo It’s not uncommon to meet Oviedo residents that remember the downtown for what it used to look like and that’s … Continue reading “The New Downtown Oviedo”

Waypointe Realty sponsoring Oviedo little league
April 27, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

Proud sponsors of Oviedo Little League

Waypointe Realty is a proud sponsor of the Oviedo Little League! Baseball is one of those opportunities that kids have to develop … Continue reading “Proud sponsors of Oviedo Little League”

April 26, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

Home Buying Challenge for Millennial’s

Hear a little about Waypointe and how we help millennial’s with the challenges of purchasing their first home: If the video is … Continue reading “Home Buying Challenge for Millennial’s”

Seminole County rural living
April 13, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

5 Reasons Rural Living is on the Rise

Are You Seeking Greener Pastures? Although the overall percentage of Americans living in rural areas is declining as urban and suburban regions … Continue reading “5 Reasons Rural Living is on the Rise”

Reasons to pull from your 401K and make a down payment on your home
March 4, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

Should You Pull From Your 401K to Buy a Home?

Home Down Payment?Option: 401k In an ideal world, everyone would put 20 percent down on a home purchase. This avoids costly private … Continue reading “Should You Pull From Your 401K to Buy a Home?”

Oviedo Real Estate Pros and Cons
February 20, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

7 Pros and Cons of Buying a New Home in Oviedo

Oviedo Home Shopping Buying a home in Oviedo is like going on an adventure. The city is known for its hometown charm … Continue reading “7 Pros and Cons of Buying a New Home in Oviedo”

The best loans for purchasing a new home
February 10, 2017   Posted By Jenelle Ferrer

Buying a House, which loan is best for you?

Home Financing Options Buying a house is a huge step and while it can be an exciting process, if you’re like most … Continue reading “Buying a House, which loan is best for you?”