Summer 2019 Newsletter – June!

2019 Summer Edition!

Summer is here…

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…and we want to make sure you know all the FUN things to do this summer!

There are so many things happening this summer and we want to let you know of all the events and activities around Oviedo area to enjoy during this break.

Even on vacation, we’re just a phone call away if you or any of your referrals are ready to make a move. Give us a call at 407.801.9914 and we can make it happen!

Move Up Buyer’s Program

When you move up to one of our listings or to another home and use us to sell your home, we’ll give you a 1% rebate on the purchase of your new home

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Outdoor Movie Nights

June 7 – Movie Night @ Leu Gardens, 8:30-10:30pm

June 8 – Cranes Roost Sunset Cinema, 8-10pm

June 11 – Popcorn Flicks in the Park: The Little Mermaid, Central Park @ Winter Park 8-10pm

June 13 – Popcorn Flicks in the Park, Central Park @ Winter Park, 8-10pm


June 8 – City of Oviedo Bonkerz Comedy Night, 7:30-9:30pm, Center Lake Park

June 20 – Sunset at the Zoo @ Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens in Sanford, 5:30-8:30pm

June 29 – Celery City Cruisers Car Show @ Sanford Riverwalk from 4-9pm

August 3- Fan Fest: In Space @ Central Branch Library (Casselberry), 6-9pm

4th of July Celebrations!

July 3 – Red Hot & Boom, Cranes Roost Park, Altamonte Springs, 4-11pm

July 4 – Geneva’s 4th of July Parade and Festival, The Fabulous “50’s!” Theme @ Rural Heritage Center. Parade starts at 10am and Festival at 11:15am-2pm

July 4 – Celebration of Freedom, Central Winds Park, 1000 Central Winds Drive, Winter Springs, 5-9:30pm

July 4 – City of Oviedo 4th of July Celebration, Oviedo Mall, 5-9:30pm

July 4 – Star Spangled Sanford @ Fort Mellon Park in Sanford, 4-10pm

2nd Thursday of Every Month: ALIVE AFTER FIVE in Sanford 5-8pm

Seminole County Libraries

All Seminole County Libraries offers events for kids during the Summer, Chess clubs and Lego club. Call your local library for details.  During June and July, the libraries will host 3D printing and modeling programs for tweens, ages 8 to 12. June will also feature Cosplay Workshops for Teens (13+), learn costuming skills and transform into your favorite character. Safe Space Teen Writing group @ Central Branch in Casselberry, the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.

*Note: The Library is the perfect place for teens to complete volunteer hours that can help for  Bright Future College scholarships.

Summer Reading Kick-off @ Lake Mary Library, June 1st – July 6th (45 minute Mad Science shows @ 2pm & 3:30 pm)

Farmer’s Markets:

Maitland @ Lake Lily Park, every Sunday 9am-2pm

Sanford’s Marketplace on Magnolia, every Saturday 9am

Oviedo @ Historic Lawton House, 1st Saturday of every month 8am-1pm

Food Trucks:

Oviedo Food Truck Thursday- Last Thursday of each month @ Oviedo Mall from 4-8pm

Sanford Food Truck Fiesta – 3rd Saturday of each month at West End Trading Co. 202 S. Sanford Ave

Casselberry Food Truck Bazaar – 2nd Friday’s @ Casselberry City Hall from 6-9pm

Lake Mary Food Truck Night, June 5th @ Lake Mary City Hall, 4-7pm


Average home in Seminole County is selling at $286,671  

Average home in Oviedo is selling at $352,054

Median days on the market from list to close IN OVIEDO

is 50 days 


30-Year Fixed = 4.19%

15-Year Fixed = 3.59%

5/1 ARM = 3.76%

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Home Inspector

Remember You’re Not Just Paying for Home Inspection, You’re Paying For a Home Inspection Report.

We are looking at potential deferred cost items such as: 1.) Water Intrusion, 2.) Roofing, 3.) Structure, 4.) Electrical, 5.) Plumbing and 6.) Safety Action Items. Each of our Inspectors place the absolute best interest of our clients in every inspection we deliver.

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Buyers Beware: Plumbing Red Flags You Need to Know

Purchasing your new home can be an exciting experience. However, this task does not come without its difficulties, as there are a multitude of factors that you must keep in mind to find the perfect home. One of those crucial aspects that is often overlooked is finding the right plumbing for your safety and needs. Today, we will learn about three different types of piping; examining a brief history of each variety, potential risks associated with the piping, and how to spot these various piping systems.

Polybutylene Piping

Polybutylene Piping ! This piping system was inexpensive and convenient, making it a relatively popular option and was common in homes in the 1980s and 1990s. They were discontinued because of failures at the plastic fittings.

Unfortunately, there are a multitude of problems associated with polybutylene piping. Some of these include:

  • Chlorine may react with polybutylene, partially decomposing the metal.
  • Polybutylene leaks can be extremely devastating; often causing tens of thousands in damage.
  • These piping systems are older, making them more susceptible to leakage.
  • Often times, insurance will not cover damage from polybutylene piping due to its tendency to cause problems.


While there are some insurance companies out there that may offer limited water damage of $10,000, the majority of the carriers will not offer a policy if there is any polybutylene piping in the home. It would be a good idea in looking into getting it replaced.

These are just some of the problems associated with polybutylene piping. 

So how can you tell if you have polybutylene piping?

There are several identification elements that you may use to determine if your pipes are polybutylene. First of all, these pipes will always be flexible unlike some other types of piping. Additionally, this style of piping is typically marked with an identification code of: PB2110. Lastly, these pipes most often have a gray, blue or black color. 

Copper Piping

Copper piping is a tried and true piping method. It dates all the way back to the 1930s, and is still a prominent piping option today. The only concern with copper piping is it will corrode over time so please consult a licensed plumber to make sure the copper pipes are in good condition.

Although copper piping is one of the more reliable varieties of piping, there are still a couple of issues associated with it.

  • Copper pipes are prone to pitting corrosion, where buildup in a small area causes a tiny leak.
  • Compared to other options, copper piping is quite expensive.
  • Copper may not be a great system for hot water, because it loses heat quickly.


This is an acceptable type of piping for insurance companies and is very common in most homes, but insurance companies will want you to replace them as soon as possible.

How to Spot Copper Plumbing

Copper piping systems are relatively easy to spot. Whenever they are first installed, they will have a brighter look, similar to a new penny. As they age, the copper begins to react with water and turn a brown color. 

Pex Piping

Pex piping (or crosslinked polyethylene) is a newer plastic that is fashioned into a flexible pipe. Pex piping has been around a long time but was used in residential homes in the early late 90’s early 2000’s.

Some have no issues with pex piping and some companies will want to see pex piping no older than 2010.

Pex piping systems are a great option, but there are some problems that come with this specific type of piping system. 

  • Pex pipes often leach harmful chemicals from pipes, exposing your water to contamination.
  • If Pex piping is in sunlight, it is susceptible to decomposition.
  • This variety of piping is not the best choice for the environment.


Each insurance company has different guidelines when insuring homes with pex piping so please ask your agent if the insurance company you are looking to go with has any issues with that particular kind of piping. Please consult a licensed plumber to make sure the pex is in good working condition.

Despite some of the disadvantages, Pex piping is generally a durable option for your home. 

Identifying Pex plumbing

If you are trying to identify Pex piping, there are a few noticeable ways to distinguish it. First of all, you have Pex piping if it is made out of plastic. Additionally, the pipes will often be a bright red or blue color. 

Hopefully this guide helped you build a better understanding of the various types of piping used throughout homes. Use this knowledge to determine the best piping system for your needs while you are searching for your new home.

Article was written with assistance from Brightway Insurance’s Joshua Amos: 321.363.5500