Top Gyms in Oviedo and Winter Springs

Top Gyms in Oviedo and Winter Springs

Top Gyms in Oviedo and Winter Springs

Working out can feel like a burden if it’s been a while. Many people will wait to make it their new year’s resolution before they set foot in a gym for all of 3 weeks. But really, 80% of people who joined a gym in the beginning of the year quit within 5 months. Why wait for the new year? The best time to start is actually NOW

I love working out, if it’s the right workout. So I decided to test out different gyms all around Oviedo and some in Winter Springs and bring you my favorites, the pros and cons and then rate them on cleanliness, class offerings, hours open, customer service, caloric burn (intensity), and amenities.  

Before I start with my top choices for gyms in Oviedo/Winter Springs, let me begin with a few caveats to keep in mind as you hear my assessment of the gyms I’ve chosen from my experience:


I’m competitive by nature and love aggressive, intense workouts with high intensity and training 

Bore Easily

I get bored easily and not a fan of monotony, especially in a workout. 


I program my schedule and discipline myself to go to the gym every workday and sometimes Saturday as well

Need Motivation

I have zero motivation in big box gyms and can do a great job staring at weights not knowing what workout to do and then when I do, just sandbag it and walk out with little satisfaction. 


I’ve tried every workout you can imagine over the last two decades (from hot yoga, to rock climbing, contact boxing to Zumba) so finding something engaging and motivating can be a challenge for me. As a result, I have high expectations in a gym and workout. 

Looking for Change

This list is for the Oviedo/Winter Springs resident that is looking for a change, possibly has plateaued or just wants to know what’s out there that’s different from the same ol’ thing. 

Now, research has shown that when a gym is more than 15 minutes away, the consistency of attendance declines. Already as it is, consistency in a gym is low among members. To see good results at any of these gyms, please commit to at least 6 months. It takes time to develop strength and burn fat so be patient. That’s why it’s important to find a gym you connect with that motivates you and helps you reach your fitness goals.  


In this list you’ll note that I did not include big box gyms like the Zoo, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, and 24 Hour Fitness. Everyone pretty much knows what they offer and the cost, but if you’re like me and need motivation to see results, the gyms below are worthy of your time.  

Our Top Picks… 

#1 TeamFit 45 

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Price: $50-200 (based on packages) 

Pros: Wonderfully high-energy intense workout. Heart monitor provided to track your heart rate and monitor your calories burned throughout your workout. Fun atmosphere. Feels like a team even though you can compete against yourself and others in your station. They have filtered water station and showers. The different stations keeps it fresh and a new workout is provided every day. They offer assessments and it’s definitely results driven. Personal training is offered. They have an app with your info and to register for classes. 

Cons: Communication wasn’t always easy. Distance from Oviedo residents.

Facts: High energy workout, heart monitor provided to track pulse and calories burned throughout workout. Lots of class times that work for different schedules. 


#2 Orange Theory Oviedo

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Price: $159 (Unlimited classes)  

Pros: Unlimited assessments throughout the month to track your progress. High energy cardio and strength training. High energy music and coaching that is motivating and keeps you on track where ever you are physically. Showers and filtered water. They offer water bottles for $1. Follow up email with workout results, calorie burn, and tracking your progress. Class times offered. 

Cons: Cost can be a deterrent for many.

Facts: Unlimited package is $159 per month but they have different plans available. You have to buy a heart monitor but they let you use one if you don’t have it for your first class. This is the longest I have ever been on a treadmill (which I hate) but I stayed motivated and focused. Felt great at the end.


#3 My House Fitness Oviedo

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Price: $100+ (based on personal training packages)  

Pros: Boutique gym that’s very personalized. Small classes. Personal training focused. They customize workouts to your needs and body. They do monthly assessments to track your progress. Towels and water bottles are offered but if you bring your water bottle, they have a filtered water station. Wipes available clean down your station. 

Cons: No showers and no open gym floor time. Classes are no high energy or high impact. Plenty of strength training, but not as much cardio throughout the week. 

Facts: Focus is more on personal training than classes. 


#4 Riverside Fitness

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Price: $34.99 (unlimited gym use and classes) 

Pros: No contracts or initiation fees. Only $35 per month for unlimited classes and open gym. Class options are Boot Camp, Amrap and yoga. Boot Camp is well organized with a timer and offers a great full body workout. The members are all really nice and welcoming. Trainer goes around to make sure you’re doing the work out correctly. The yoga class was good. Sign-up is easy online and gets you connected with their MindBody app to register for classes. 

Cons: There are not a lot of class times, but the ones that are are convenient for most people’s schedules. Drinking fountain but no filtered water station or towels. Not really easy to connect immediately with staff. Not high energy classes overall, but good workout.

Facts: The open floor gym and the classes offered are in different buildings in the same shopping center. Showers are in the main gym facility. Great prices and definitely something to consider if you’re in it you live in the east part of Oviedo. Membership includes one personal training session a week for 30 minutes where you can go over something technical, accountability, or Nutrition. No childcare but was really cool to see two young kids joining their parents through the circuit. They modified workouts but they got to do it with their parents.


#5 Crossfit Tough As Nails

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Price: Unlimited options = $100 (Student), $125 (First responders & teachers), $145 (regular option)  

Pros: If your competitive in nature this is a great work out for you. Classes are offered several times throughout the day for the WOD (workout of the day). Trainers care about technique and form. Very encouraging environment and supportive in teamwork. Aggressive workouts but can be tailored to your strength and ability. Showers available. 

Cons: If you don’t pay attention to the trainers, you can get very injured in the workout. The goal at Crossfit is to continue lifting and beating your personal record, so if you don’t want to lift heavy, this may not be the place for you.

Facts: This CF box offers MMA and Jiu Jitsu training. They focus on competition if that’s your goal. Every year they encourage the members to sign up for the Crossfit Open which is very encouraging for new and experienced members. If you’re looking to build muscle in a competitive atmosphere this is definitely a great option. They offer teachers and first responders discounts on memberships. 


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#6 Elite Boxing Fitness Center 

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Price: $99+ (based on different training packages)  

Pros: Great atmosphere and family feel. Amazing work out. The most authentic boxing experience you’re going to have in Oviedo hands-down. This is definitely not your boxing class experience that you would get at a big box gym. This is a contact boxing gym so make sure to buy mouthguard and headgear. They’ll teach you the right technique and great training. Offer kids classes. 

Cons: No showers. Website is hard to navigate to find any information so it’s best to give him a call to find out the class times. Not a workout for everyone. 

Facts: Definitely not for the faint of heart. Very aggressive and intense. Water fountain, but no filtered water. I got punched in the face and left with a bruise. Didn’t like it but loved the intensity. Dorian is the owner and main trainer at this gym and he loves what he does. Definitely a lot of passion and the members love training here. 


#7 9Round Fitness 

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*When I walked in I was a little confused because there’s no exact class time.  

Price: $75+ (based on different packages)  

Pros: You come and go as you please and you jump in and do nine rounds of three minutes each with 30 second break in between with a corporal work out. Different workout every day which makes it fun but definitely kickboxing and boxing is a focus. No class times so it’s good to go with a friend if you’re able and definitely good on flexibility for your schedule.

Cons: If there’s no one in the gym it can be a little lonely and not quite as competitive or exciting, but the evening is packed. If it is packed, you have to wait for the end of the round and to jump in. Water is a dollar and there is no water fountain. No showers and no towels. 

Facts: Different pricing packages available based on month-to-month, one year year, six week challenge or six month challenge.


#8 Title Boxing

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Price: $69+ (based on different packages)  

Pros: This place had very friendly staff, good hype-up music, showers, High-intensity cardio workout. Good central location in Oviedo off of Alafaya. They offer a section of free weights to do on your own. 

Cons: Insufficient classes in the early AM. One year contractual commitment and then month-to-month thereafter.Doing boxing and kickboxing over time may become redundant if you want more of a variety. 

Facts: This is a boxing/kickboxing gym. Need to buy gloves and wristbands. They have a water fountain but make sure to bring your own water bottle or you may be waiting in line after every round to catch a sip.


#9 Breakthrough Fitness

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Price: $100+ (based on different training packages)  

Pros: They offer some classes and you can take it with or without the class trainer. Really great customer service from the staff. Delicious shakes are made on the spot and sold at the gym. Staff really cares about your fitness journey. 

Cons: If you didn’t care for the workouts on the first three days, your motivation for returning to do the same workout later that week may wane. No showers or filtered water. 

Facts: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday schedule is the same as Thursday, Friday, Saturday. AMRAP (As many reps as possible) workouts and high interval intensity training is the norm. Drinking fountain is provided. Intensity was not as high in the workouts as I would have liked. 


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Honorable Mentions 

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YMCA Oviedo 

Beautiful facility with pool, childcare area, open gym, and classes. Great for the whole family with affordable prices. But again, if you are looking for results and need guidance and motivation this probably isn’t the best fit. 

Website: YMCA Oviedo

Anytime Fitness

Good alternative to big box gyms. It’s a more intimate feel but still has all the machines and weights needed. There are not a good amount of class offerings but they do have a nightly boot camp with packages. They offer group training and personal one on one training. Competitive rates and great for those disciplined to work out on their own. They even offer Hydro massage for an additional $10 a month. They are open 24 hours. One of the biggest differences between big box gyms and this anytime fitness in Oviedo is that it is family owned and very involved in the community.


I personally have not seen good results and big box gyms because of my need for motivation, but if you do this could be a really good alternative. 


Price: $30+ (depending on package)

Website: Anytime Fitness Oviedo

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To prove my point, I had a free 7-day pass and never made it out there because the 3 classes they offered clashed with my schedule and I personally have no drive or desire to workout on my own. 

Let’s Wrap This Up…

I’ve broken up these reviews based on my assessment. Some of the things that matter to me may not necessarily matter to you which is why I want to give you all the options. Whichever gym you choose, just make sure you love the style and feel of the gym so that you maintain consistency. 


Remember that beyond 15 minutes from your house you are less likely to commit to a gym and I want to make sure consistency is there. Don’t try a gym for a month and give up. Whichever one you choose make a commitment to be there for at least six months to a year in order to really see a difference. I recommend changing up the gym after a year and a half or when you start plateauing.


I’ve chosen my way to workout and stay in shape, what’s yours? Find a way to stay in shape and feel great this year!